7 types of Social Media Designs to engage your audience

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September 11, 2021
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September 11, 2021
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We all know that social media platforms provide a huge opportunity for small businesses as well as large brands, to connect to their target audience, and grow. However, textual content is no longer enough on its own, with the audience needing much more for ‘engagement’. Following trends and using the latest graphics with the right colors for your brand, is very crucial while posting on social media. These posts make your brand more appealing. Posts that engage your audience, are the fuel you need, for your brand to reach great heights.
In this article, we will be discussing the top 7 types of social media designs that you should include, while planning your social media content to engage your audience. Let's dive in!

The main objective of promotional posts is to advertise your product to your visitors in a way that sets your business apart, in the wide competition online. Promotional content includes information of your products and announcing offers and discounts to engage leads. You can achieve more credibility by adding a real photograph of the product with an appealing tagline or relevant labels, and ensuring you post one product at a time to offer clarity to the page visitor.


Interactive posts create a direct conversation between you and your visitors. The goal over here is to attract people, gain their attention and bring their focus to your content. Posting stories on platforms like Instagram and Facebook is a great way to encourage the participation of your visitors. Few examples of these posts include quizzes, polls and surveys. Use trends, inculcate days of the year related to your niche and collaborate with people. Showing client reviews and testimonials can also be a great way to position your brand. Interactivity enhances shareability.


One of the most shared posts of different small businesses or influencer pages, are inspirational quotes. Inspirational and motivational content works well, as people easily relate to it. You can share infographics about what you believe and what your brand value is about. Make sure to post valuable content on your page that will give your visitors a direction and encourage them. When used with proper strategy and technique, inspirational posts can be powerful, and can deliver great returns for your social media page.


Videos are versatile, engaging, and will give your audience a personal connection to what they are watching. According to statistics, an average person spends a minimum of 12 minutes daily, watching videos on YouTube. Instagram also has features like IGTV and Reels that allow you to showcase the heart of your business professionally. 97% of small business owners claim that videos help them to explain and illustrate their products better. You can integrate in your videos - fun graphics, engaging content, and trendy music.


Posts like memes, jokes or riddles will not only make people stop scrolling but will also make them dwell on your content and react to it. How do you create entertaining posts? Take part in some trendy challenges and make relatable content that people can share with others. Creating competitions for giveaways or offers is an effective way to reach more audiences. Entertaining posts might not directly be related to what your brand has to offer, however, they can appeal to your target audience and connect to them.


Posts like Did you Know, Myth v/s Facts etc., are very important! Educating people about your niche will attract them and give them information about what your brand is. Stating facts helps clear out misconceptions and brings out authenticity. Interesting Did you Know Facts will not only amaze your audience but will also give them a strong reason to follow your content.


Take the opportunity to promote the special days of the year. Such posts bring a personal touch and have a great reach. Greeting posts for festivals, national days and international days of importance should be shared. However, these posts should be designed appropriately, and the cause should be well promoted. Avoid adding any products or services to these posts as the sole purpose should be to establish a close bond with your associates rather than to promote your business.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Winning attention is one thing, but maintaining it is the difficult part. Social media is not only about the content but also about the experience you create for your visitors.

Be creative when planning your social media content. Make sure to use these 7 types of social media designs to engage your audience. Want to know more about how you can showcase your brand through unique posts on social media?
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