5 reasons why you should have Google My Business

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July 1, 2021
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As we all know, the search for potential customers is extremely important to any business. If you're just starting out with SEO, Google My Business can be a great tool to help your online presence get the necessary boost. Most of us spend long hours on social media for marketing, but in the end, we will ignore Google My Business when it comes to increasing the search rankings.
Are you a local business that wants to attract more leads? If your company already has a strong position on the search engines, then why spend any more time in the management of multiple entries when the people can find you easily right? But what's that hubbub about? Here are 5 reasons why you should have a GoogleMyBusiness.

With a Google My Business account you can make sure that each and every time someone searches for your business on Google, they won't have any problems finding it. Also, as soon as they do, the list will be the signal for them to visit the store, regardless of whether or not you have a website or a physical address. The first three of these ads are usually ads in Google Adwords, to be followed by organic results. Through the process of creating a list, you can dramatically increase your chances of achieving it. If you do not have a GoogleMyBusiness listing, it will not appear in the local search results, and you will lose all people with potential interests.


After you have control of your Google My Business listing, you can respond to and thank all the customers by responding to reviews, or upon receipt of a complaint. The ability to respond to reviews is great, and necessary, in the terms of service. Google My Business list contains all the necessary elements, such as contact information, and hours of operation. Google controls nearly 80% of all desktop search traffic, so if people are searching for businesses like yours, you need to be sure that they will find you!


This is a handy tool that you can use to attract new customers. Your listing will be correctly displayed when people search for your business, or that of any other businesses and/or services, including those who are just like you on Google search for generating better leads for your business. Having a GMB page allows you to interact with your customers on all of Google's platforms. When used correctly, it can help you increase your sales and provide valuable information to your customers.


4% of smartphone users look for the opening hours of any business. 50% are looking for the address of a local store so that they can go and buy it in the store. 45% of computer or tablet users want to know if an item is available in the store before they go. The GMB listing allows you to show the phone number to get potential customers. Your Google My Business account should have accurate records and information about your business. In addition, you can use your office address to encourage people to come to you and get to know more about what you have to offer.


An up-to-date listing has the ability to improve your business's local SEO ranking. High conversions will take place in the traffic field to search for local businesses. As 88% of consumers search for local businesses on a mobile device, they will be more likely to want to make a phone call to a telephone number within a day or two. On your Google My Business listing, you get an idea of how to find people on your list, and how they interact with your listing by visiting your website or asking for instructions. You may also want to find out what people are watching on advertising in order to make way for targeted ads.

KEY TAKEAWAY:Listings are free but they are a necessity for any business!

A Google My Business listing can help you to manage your contact details, to interact with customers and helping them to find and connect with you. You can manage the information that Google users will use to search for your company and the products and services you have to offer. A Google My Business listing will help to increase your online visibility, drive more traffic and improve the connectivity, and the attraction of customers-all of them free of charge.
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