10 features of Facebook Business for all Business Owners

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September 5, 2022
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With a target audience of almost 2.7 billion monthly users on Facebook, this gives you several ways to promote your big or small business. Facebook business page is free web page that any business owner can create to expand their presence.
There are several features that can be super beneficial for any business owner. Out of so many Facebook features, we have picked 10 really interesting features for you.

This feature helps you keep regular update on your competitor pages which will enable you to compare activity, growth and engagement of the audience. It helps you understand the frequency of posting the content on pages. What works for them and what doesn’t. As it is rightfully said 'It is better at times to learn from others mistakes.' Eventually it will benefit you to plan your future activities.


In social media marketing, knowing your audience is the prime feature which enables you to know each and every moment of your audience. You can determine the demographics of your Facebook audience. Eventually it will help you understand the target audience and improve your campaigns.


This tab was introduced on Facebook in 2014, which helps businesses to drive more traffic. You can just include this tab on the cover photo of the page. Call-to-action has a group of seven actions i.e., shop now, sign up, book now, contact us, use app, play games and watch video.


Once you run a marketing campaign for yourself, you can have complete data of the people who have liked your particular post. If you have people who have not yet liked your page, you can simply send them an invite to like your page. This feature is an add-on to every business owner with no cost.


Pixel feature in Facebook is nothing but a simple code that you need to insert on your web page. This will help you to track all the actions of people like viewing content, adding item to the shopping cart and making purchases. You can use this to move your prospects down the funnel and understand users who share similar traits with your existing customers.


Once you have all the data in your hand, it is convenient for you to understand what is the right time to run a campaign. It is like driving people to your website and ensure that they are converted into customers.


Once you start a campaign its necessary to know what is the right time to post. This tool will help you get data of your followers like what time in the day they are active and which day in the week. You can accordingly choose the right time to post. By doing this right you can ensure maximum engagement and reach of the post to your target audience.


This feature allows you to showcase up to 10 images or videos within a single advertisement. You can take advantage of this feature depending upon your target audience like showcasing few features explicitly in one, sharing your story or your customer review in one.


This is one of the very important feature which every business owner should focus on. This score is not only going to give an insight of how people have reacted to your ad but also will affect you monetarily. Positive and negative both reviews are going to be there for your advertisement, one negative feedback can affect your overall score. The higher the score the lesser will be the cost of your advertisement.


This feature allows you to reach your target audience based on their interests. This could be activities, hobbies, the pages they have liked or a host of other things. Interest targeting will ensure that you get the people who are likely to be interested in your product or service.

Hoping this article has helped you understand the features of Facebook Business for all Business Owners. In this world internet and technology, it is the right time to bring your business online through Facebook and other social media platforms.

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