Our Team


The Waymaker - Our Mascot

Miko represents Nuit Solutions! He is the bridge, an interconnector between us and our clients. Miko, our Tech-Teddy is a very important member of our team as he creates strong brand awareness and a user-friendly environment. From informative posts, to blogs, email and website updates, he establishes an emotional bond and a sense of continuity that makes the client feel comfortably connected to us. Miko is a unique entity, a face that lends NUIT Solutions a personality.

Familiarity leads to popularity and a familiar teddy is sometimes all we need to feel secure.


The Thinker

Nina is the driving force of NUIT Solutions. Having 13 years of experience in Business Communication and Information Technology, she is an expert at conceptualizing new ideas and establishing business goals for clients to build up their online presence. She provides the right Vision to the entire team and is an effective role model. She inspires, influences and guides new members of the team to participate in a common effort. Apart from valuable propositions, she facilitates opportunities for learning and builds a comfortable work environment.

Every connection matters and grows stronger with the collective utilization of abilities.


The Reviewer

Loretta provides a clear vision for NUIT Initiatives and propels the ideas into action. She heads the Prayers and Petitions Team, as NUIT Solutions believes that working for man alone is not sufficient, but utilizing our skills for God's glory is what brings value and meaning to our work. From writing daily reflections to music and digital art, Loretta enables the soul of the company to develop with faith and perseverance. She reviews every project undertaken, from website designs to digital media - video creation, social media posts and more, and gives priceless inputs to better the way and style of functioning.

True gratification lies in the exploration of unlimited resources that creates a trademark in everything we do.


The Creator

Eshton is the hands-on expert who develops websites and e-commerce projects with an end-to-end approach. He is extremely energetic with deep passion for designing and coding. He embraces inevitable challenges and is great at researching possible solutions. With 5 years of experience, he has mastered Wordpress, Woo Commerce, HTML/CSS, PHP and can create perfectly customized designs using Photoshop. Along with technical abilities, he also has variety of soft skills that makes him stand out in the crowd.

Structured development is a game-changer with infinite possibilities of success.


The Illustrator

Yutika brings life into a brand with powerful infographics, social media creatives, interactive videos, thus managing the visual aspect of our digital marketing services. She finds motivation in the challenge that a task presents. Girdled with imaginative ideas, she finds inspiration in everyday things. Being realistic in approach towards work, she sets perfect timelines for running projects that require coordination and continuity. She pushes all boundaries and is a natural out-of-the-box thinker who loves experimenting to achieve perfection.

Just having it isn't enough: the 'way' we 'depict' who we are matters!


The Mediator

Vilita is a bridge that connects our work to the world. She handles all media aspects – social media pages, Youtube channel content and blogs. She also contributes to lead generation, advertising aspects and client coordination. With brilliant ideas and innovative goals, she provides easy strategies that are implemented to build effective online presence. She is well-immersed in the social environment and builds relationships through social media. With good leadership and communication skills, Vilita is dependable and detail oriented.

The world is full of great people waiting for a greater influence.


The Navigator

Kinnari plays the role of assisting in building and maintaining websites. She is eager to learn more and is passionate about work. She embraces the inevitable challenges that come with work and is able to suggest creative ideas and solutions. She has a desire to keep up with the latest trends. With experience in working with different page builders, she has a good understanding of web design. She pays strong attention to details and keeps an eye on the bigger picture. With effective soft skills, she is a fast learner and enhances collaboration with the team that keeps her on top of her game.

Strengthening of capabilities leads to development of oneself as well as advancement of a whole organization.


The Author

Vidhi develops content for client websites and blog articles with a thorough study of required keywords. Content is what enables a website to rank well in a Search Engine, and with strong research skills, Vidhi produces interactive and interesting content that helps boost a brand's visibility and brings good traffic to the website. She has great organizational skills and focuses on one task at a time. Vidhi is an asset to the team with qualities of clarity and simplicity. She is very punctual and is an independent problem-solver.

Meaningful expression about what people need to know helps establish the right connections.


The Visualizer

Pratik knows how to tap into his creative resources for new and innovative ideas. He has a visual eye, is a good listener, processes feedback and is very focused. He is a story teller and presents complex tasks through beautiful graphics. His use of typography, color and texture in every creative is impressive and facilitates strong branding for any company. With good time management and analytical skills, Pratik is a great asset to the team.

Planning and clear perception, together form the pathway that transforms a thought into a brand.