5 reasons why small businesses need a website

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January 2, 2021
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Do you own a business without a website? You may be thinking that a website is not needed or that you do not have the time or money to get it developed! However, business communication, marketing and transactions have progressed exponentially and EVERY THING is about BEING ONLINE - thus making online business almost mandatory for even local businesses.

It is not a myth that digitalization helps expand the roots of your physical store! Building an online presence has become extremely essential. If you are a small business owner and are still not convinced about why you need a website, then this one's for you!

Here are 5 main reasons why small businesses need a website, put in the form of answers to general business blues:

Nowadays, people tend to search online for solutions to their problems. With a well-designed website, YOU can be the SOLUTION they are looking out for! As soon as you meet the needs of potential customers with a professional approach, it lays the foundation for a lifelong relationship, profitable to both the customer and you! To boost the communication channel, your website can help store client data and also display your contact information with a list of latest services and offers. People can get in touch with you, on your own online platform, easily, without any hassle.


Your website gives you a great opportunity to display all your products/services online. Photographers, artists, architects and planners can showcase all their work on a portfolio-based website. Dealers in products can choose from catalogue based websites to product enquiry and even e-commerce! You can easily sell your products online. It is a perfect opportunity to highlight important details and upload high-definition images of your product and emphasize on the USP of your brand/company.The same goes for companies that provide services with relevant information, news and events being updated constantly, for more user traffic. Online payment makes the process much easier! You can also Download Orders/Enquiries in Excel/PDF being very organised and systematic.


When people are looking out for you on the internet, it would be easy for them if you have a website. The website will showcase your business and provide all relevant information about your brand. Also, you can integrate facebook, instagram, twitter, or any social media account on the website. It will also include testimonials and reviews of existing clients, thus giving leverage to the quality of your product/service. Good ratings do matter! According to a survey, 88% of people trust online reviews.


Your business website will be the center of marketing. The first step to market your brand online is to have a website! The website will be helpful and will convert all visitors into clients. All offers, discounts uploaded and marketed will drive the crowd towards your website. You can add blogs, videos, images and develop your website to be the face of your brand.


Whatever business you are into, your website will be the solution to most of the queries of your clients. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) can be added to the website. Your website will be the helping hand for your business and save time which you can invest in quality control, expansion, rather than in marketing and hunting for new clients. You can generate new leads and collect data about your visitors, using the website.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Your website will be available 24x7 even when you're not!

I hope this article has helped you and has made you feel confident and sure about why you should get your business online.

BUT, ONE FINAL WORD OF ADVICE - It's not really enough just to have a website. For a website to be a good reflection of your brand, it has to be responsive, user-friendly, in sync with your brand, easy to load, interconnected with social media presence and integrated with smart features and functionality. Contact us if you feel that it is the right time to get started!

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