5 New Year resolutions every website owner should make

5 reasons why small businesses need a website
January 3, 2021
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In this era of technology, websites play a vital role in the development of businesses. But it is often observed that after a website is created, it is not maintained and updated regularly. This creates a negative impact on the business.

So here are 5 New year resolutions that you need to make if you own a website for your business:
1. Keep your website updated every week

A website needs to be alive. Even if once a week, consistent updates like improvement in the product on the basis of customer reviews, new product launch, offers, etc. can be added to the website. These small steps will not just keep the website updated but will also help upgrade your business as you are more aware of customer reviews or queries, traffic generation on your website and latest B2C and B2B trends.

2. Renew your domain and hosting before time

Domain name and Domain hosting are two different things.
a) Domain name This is nothing but the name of your website. For example 'Google' is a domain name and '.com' is a domain extension which you purchase.
b) Domain hosting Means making your domain accessible to the world via 'world wide web' These are not permanently entitled on the website owner's name. One needs to renew the ownership from time to time. The downside of not renewing the domain name is that it will be available to anyone who wishes to own that domain. And if renewal of hosting time expires, your website will no longer will be accessible to the world.

3. Hire a professional Web Developer

Running a business is not an easy task. The days are as it is packed with to-do lists. In such cases managing a website along with regular activities adds on the kitty. Instead hire a web developer who will be keeping things at par like renewal of domain and hosting service, regularly updating the website, generating traffic, fixing site errors, and more.

4. Get your website and social media interlinked

Creating responsive websites and social media pages will not benefit you much, if they are not linked. Once you connect these two platforms the work will become convenient like easy communication between you and your followers, networking with professionals, and also beneficial to enhance social media marketing.

5. Highlight customer reviews and milestones achieved

Online reviews work like traditional word of mouth technique, but here you have it from them in a written form. Highlighting them on your website will help you build brand credibility. Not just that!! Your customer will have a voice and will help you create consumer loyalty.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Your website can well become the HEART of your Business!! Keep it alive!

I hope this article has helped you and has made you feel determined to be more attentive to your website.

Contact us if you feel that you require Tech Support to put some breath into your website and get it kicking!

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