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January 3, 2021
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February 15, 2021
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Do you have a website and are thinking of how to make it more user-friendly or add features that will be very easy to use? Looking for more leads? Want more customers? Are you still confused why having a website is not working the way you wanted it to? Then this one's for you! Features that will allow Quick Communication are the key! Having a well-developed website is very essential. A functionality on your website that will allow the visitor to contact you directly is what you actually need.

Here are 3 latest features for quick communication through your website. In this article, we will be covering key features like Whatsapp Integration, Chatbot and Sidebar Sticky Button. You will also find their advantages and understand how adding these features on your website will make a difference!

Linking your whatsapp business number to your website will directly get your client to a professional ground where direct communication takes place. Important information like email, business hours, contact details, business description will be easily available. Your product catalogue can also be added to your Whatsapp Business account. The integration of Whatsapp will help clients initiate conversation and give instant resolution to their queries. Round the clock support will lead to higher client satisfaction. Broadcast Lists will help to promote campaigns, events, and products easily and quickly. Whatsapp is easy to use and is an effective channel to generate leads.


A Chatbot makes your website a quick helpdesk. It also delivers high demand personalized experience. It is just like a salesperson. A chatbot is always ready to help your visitor with any type of information regarding the products or delivery and so much more. A chatbot also helps to perform a survey. They involve customers in real-time discussion and make the survey engaging, lively and thus successful. A chatbot is like a genie coming out of the bottle to serve its master.


A sidebar sticky button is a good tool to make the navigation of the website faster and effective. A permanent navigation on the website is an additional advantage for you. It increases the accessibility features for all users. With the help of this sticky button, the visitors will have specific content permanently in front of their eyes. If sticky buttons are used, they must be kept as small as possible.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Your website is responsible to communicate with its visitors!

I hope this article has helped you understand the importance of interactive features on your website.
Good and quick communication is what increases sales and inspires visitors. Tan White quoted: “Know what you want to achieve!” And so, experiment with different features that have an impact on sales and let your business bloom!

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