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Do you want your brand to be recognized online? With recognition and good brand appeal comes inevitable success! Around 50% of brand recognition can be built through online mediums. In the current times, all kinds of businesses have to be available online as people spend maximum time surfing the internet and browsing through apps. According to statistics, 71% of consumers purchase from brands that they recognise.

When starting an online business, it is essential to make the right and smart choices to grow and become successful. If you want to be among those with a successful business, continue reading to learn what are the 10 essentials to be a recognised brand online and position yourself for long term success. All businesses must consider these essentials as a necessity for the business to grow.

What grabs attention to any brand? It is the Logo. Setting up a logo creates a unique identity for your brand. The colours, designs and styles used, create a strong first impression on the mind of your viewer. It should be attractive and meaningful so the logo can give you an identity that helps you stand out in the competition.


You must have your own digital business cards and digital profiles. Digital Business Cards will enable you to share all relevant information in one convenient view. They are easy to share, can be integrated with social media platforms and can be viewed from all screen sizes. They are a perfect replacement for traditional paper cards. A digital profile consists of all professional information and is a gateway for getting prospective clients.


Today, with the majority of folks scrolling the internet, social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Linked In and YouTube are a tremendous contribution to your business branding. It shows the audience that you are available to answer any queries or doubts. It makes people aware of your brand and allows potential customers to connect with you.


GMB is very essential for any business. It allows you to increase your local search visibility by setting up a free listing on google. Manage your contact details, interact with people, collect reviews from existing clients and help people find you. Google my business listing will help your brand by increasing search results.


Many of you may have heard people with an online startup saying that you need a domain to run a virtual business! To put it simply, a domain name is the address of your website which makes it easier for customers to find you. Domain and web hosting are two parts of a whole. If you are still new with your branding, announcing a coming soon page could uplift your business with a hint of competence.


A cohesive email signature will create brand recognition and reinforces who you are as a brand. Your signature at the end of every email will make it looks professional and create a sense of trust in your clients. This marketing tool is cost-effective and portrays brand awareness.


It is estimated that about 80% of people search online for a product or service. Your website is your online platform to meet the needs of your customers. Therefore, it is important to invest in an exceptional responsive website with very good graphics and images as well as excellent content. Website content with images and visuals generate more backline and increases viewer rating by 90%.


Creating videos and sharing on youtube will allow people what you want to share via visual representation. A great video will get views and will be shared more. People will find it valuable which increases the chances of the video ranking higher thus converting viewers to clients. You can also promote these videos on social media to give the audience more content.


An online payment gateway is necessary for every E-Commerce website. Secure payment encourages customers to order from your website and also imparts trust. It reduces the frequency of frauds. It enables quick checkout, instantaneous cash-less payment and easy navigation.


Before and after any purchase, customer service is an essential thing that every brand should focus on that will lead to repeat clients and thus growth of your brand. Assisting your clients will make a huge difference in how the customer perceives your brand. It plays a major role in your business and measures customer loyalty.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Create opportunities, don’t wait for them. Investigate what will give other people more energy. These 10 essentials will surely take your business to another level.

Remember to always plan. Without a plan or the general structure for your business, you are setting yourself up to fail. Embrace technology and take time to review every business essential that will work for you. After all, success comes in small steps.

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