12 Best WordPress Plugins for your Website in 2021

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July 1, 2021
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WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system and a simple and customized website design, which is also the choice for most web development companies.
Plugins are apps that will allow you to add new features to your site. A great plugin has the power to help you to increase the success of your online business. Every business has different needs, but there are many plugins that every WordPress website should have.
Besides looking hard, you can find dozens of WordPress free plugins that include all sorts of useful functions on your WordPress site. Whether you want to create a contact form, build great pages, or add eCommerce functionality to your WordPress site, these plugins can help. So what if there was a plugin that offered several features in one place? Here are the 12 best WordPress Plugins to know for your website in 2021.

Ninja Forms is a WordPress-free website-building plugin that enables you to create almost any form you can think of, from simple contact forms to event registration, file uploads, payments, and more. Ninja Forms is an intuitive drag and drop form builder that helps you add final forms to your WordPress site in minutes. Ninja Forms is a WordPress form builder that will select the features when you need them.


WooCommerce is a custom, open-source eCommerce platform built into WordPress. It is designed for small to large online retailers that use WordPress. With just a few clicks, your WordPress website becomes a fully functional e-commerce website. It combines ease of use with great power, flexibility, and features. WooCommerce comes with pre-installed methods like Direct Bank Transfer, Payment Checking, Cash Delivery, PayPal Credit Card Payments, etc. You can add many more gateways with paid extensions.


All in one SEO is a complete plugin for your WordPress SEO. It allows you to easily import SEO data from third-party plugins for WordPress so you can customize and use the most powerful and effective SEO tool. All in One SEO offers actual points for your content. All in One SEO plugin makes managing your page creation much easier too.


WP Elementor is a speaker’s web creator who builds professional WordPress websites and grows their skills. WordPress users can create and edit websites using a drag-and-drop process, with a built-in feedback mode. Using the visual editor, this plugin helps you to create beautiful pages. Using this WordPress plugin, you can build dynamic websites quickly.


WP Duplicator is a WordPress free plugin that enables all users to create a duplicate of their Website built on WordPress. You can use your Duplicator package to move your entire site to a new facility, domain, or platform. It is a plugin that puts you in the driver’s seat when you manage your Website. The WP Duplicator plugin creates an archive of your existing WordPress files and database.


WP Forms is a contact form solution, so your contact forms will always look perfect on all screen sizes (mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop), i.e., it is a responsive solution. WP forms download and drop WordPress form builder and make it easy and powerful. It lets you create great contact forms, registration forms, payment forms, and other forms of your site in minutes. Forms made with the WP Forms plugin are high-speed and SEO-friendly.


W3 Total Cache (W3TC) improves your site’s SEO and user experience by increasing website performance and reducing loading times. It is the fastest and most complete WordPress plugin. W3TC is a complete working solution for improving your WordPress Website. Open advanced analytics, fragment caching, full site delivery, extension support, and other tools that will allow you to optimize your Website’s performance completely.


This plugin is used to optimize SEO to create special XML sitemaps that help search engines like Google rank your Website. It is like a file that allows list key web pages, ensuring that Google finds them and ranks them accordingly. In short, the Google XML sitemaps plugin improves website ranking in search engine results, thus maximizing SEO efforts.


The Sucuri Security WordPress free plugin is a security measure intended to strengthen your existing security standing. Sucuri scanner plugin automatically scans your Website to ensure it is not infected with malware, suspicious redirects, iframes, broken links, etc. This allows them to block all attacks and send them only to official and genuine site visitors.


Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) works by adding an extra layer of security to your online accounts. It requires additional login credentials – other than just username and password – to access the account, and gaining that second verification requires access to something you own. The first feature is the password, and the second is usually the encoded text sent to your smartphone or biometrics using your fingers, face, or retina.


Hubspot is one of the important plugins for WordPress. It allows you to capture, organize and engage web visitors with forms, live chat, CRM, email marketing, and analytics. You can easily adjust colors, styles, and more to match your brand and give visitors a seamless feel and a better user experience. This WordPress plugin will also let you understand which marketing strategy drives more business for your brand.


Monster Insights is the best WP statistics plugin. It shows real-time statistics and custom dimensions. You can easily set up Google Analytics for WordPress with just a few clicks using this free WordPress plugin. You can then optimize your Website to increase your traffic, subscribers, and revenue. The best part is that it shows you all the essential statistics within your WordPress dashboard.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Plugins are the secret element that transforms your website from ordinary to extraordinary!

Be it in the design and maintenance of the Website or whether you need to add your site with search engines, or improve user experience, plugins for WordPress are essential. We hope this list helps you make improvements to your site and achieve your business goals.

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