5 Reasons why E-commerce will bring you better sales

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May 25, 2021
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Sales being an integral part of business, every businessman wants the sales graph to soar high each year. But in today's competitive world, growing and expanding in business, involves many challenges. The traditional business methods are not sufficient! It's time for one to enter the expansive world of E-commerce. E-commerce (also known as Electronic Commerce) is the process of buying and selling of services online or over the internet. E-commerce has become an important part of our lives, especially since social distancing measures have been put in place due to the global pandemic. From shopping of necessities to paying everyday bills or buying apparels, electronics, medicines, it is all possible in just one click.

In a time where we cannot imagine our lives without the internet, let's go through 5 reasons why e-commerce will bring better sales

Usually when a customer needs to buy a pair of jeans, he/she goes from shop to shop, trying out several jeans, just to buy that exact desired pair. But buying from an E-commerce website is a lot more easier process. One can go through several options provided by sellers across the nation. This not only saves time but is also economic keeping in mind the squeezing budget.


This is one of the biggest advantages for a seller. Having a retail store in a busy street can have good business for sure, but after a point of time the sales graph will become stagnant as only consumers living nearby will make purchases from time to time. At the same time, one having an online store will have customers not just from near by places, but also people from across states. Enabling a seller to have a larger database which will help one reach the target audience easily is what E-commerce does.


Being a part of an online platform enables a seller to have several modes to receive payment from the customer. Like payment through debit/credit card, cash on delivery, UPI payment, EMI, credit facility etc. When a customer has so many options available to make payments, they make purchases comfortably and not worrying about how much cash they have in hand.


Unlike print media, social media is much more suitable platform in terms of advertising a product. Social media majorly works on visuals. Creative visual, effective content can churn out your target audience in most affordable price as good as less than one dollar per click. It allows a seller to add smallest detail on the E-commerce website making it cost effective.


While scrolling through the list of products online, customers often add the products to the cart. When the order is not confirmed for a time frame, the customer can receive messages from the website as reminders. This can be possible only on an E-commerce platform. In a physical store it is very difficult to remember which customer had requested for which product and to inform them about stock refilling. Eventually we end up never contacting that customer. But from an online store personal messages, emails, new deals based on previous purchases, etc. can be shared to the customer in just one click.

KEY TAKEAWAY: You can easily have YOUR OWN SHOP online!

Good and quick communication is what increases sales and inspires visitors. Bill Gates quoted: “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business!”

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