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September 29, 2020
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September 29, 2020
'All About Mississauga' is an online portal made to connect the people of the large canadian city- Mississauga. It is an initiative to give local businesses and organisations the opportunity to position themselves and also help them promote their business in an easy manner with no extra cost. It is a public information website on business, services, offers, and events that take place in and around this city. Businesses are registered on this portal. Home businesses, small businesses along with people in the locality can share news and events too. The website also has a bloggers section.The emergency contact numbers are listed for both humans and animal care. It is very useful and becomes easier for people who search for such information on the internet. Mississauga is a Canadian city neighbouring Toronto on Lake Ontario. It is home to several historic sites. In the centre, Mississauga Celebration Square hosts multicultural festivals. It is a popular shopping destination with a thriving arts community, recreational areas and beautiful villages.


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