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Refining Healthcare With Thermaissance

Thermaissance is one of the leading healthcare product manufacturing companies. Based in India, they have a wide range of healthcare products in the market that include healthcare apparel, patient wear, face masks, etc. Their products are made of smart and anti-bacterial fabrics.

Thermaissance is a Pioneer in engineered medical fabrics. They aim to provide the best and safest apparel for all healthcare professionals and patients as well. The company decided to step into the online market and give its customers the same experience they offered while buying products in person. NUIT was engaged to enhance the client’s online visibility and expand the markets for their products. The task was to create a B2B and B2C website with an end user perspective for the care industry. But would a normal website be able to give the focus that they were looking for? Hence, NUIT recommended them to go for an E-Commerce platform.

Who are we designing for?

All hospitals, doctors, nurses and healthcare workers who look for hassle-free online shopping of medical clothing.

What were the challenges faced?

To understand the objectives of the brand and create the design system that makes the brand look welcoming, friendly, beneficial and reliable.

What is our goal?

To create a customer-centric platform through which the products offered by Thermaissance will not only be known in the market but will also reach out to the ones in need.

How do we work towards the solution?

NUIT created a B2B and B2C E-Commerce website for Thermaissance, that would help the customers to shop for their products at any time from anywhere.

Applying Technological Thinking to Smart Textile Innovation

NUIT revamped the website to showcase the 3 major categories- Healthcare, Patient Wear and Lifestyle. To increase the number of visitors during Covid, we focused majorly on masks and PPE kits. We eccentrically blended technology with the brand.

  • Categorised Products
  • Classified Price Structure
  • Implemented Product Filters
  • User-Friendly Navigation
  • Built Strategies

Interactive Design

To improve customer experience and increase engagement among their target audiences. It gives the visitors confidence and increases website authority.

Add to Cart and Checkout

To enable users to add, remove and select multiple products, check their choices, and finish the checkout process quickly and securely in one transaction.

Testimonial Slider

To provide the viewer an opportunity to give feedback and input about the products on the website. It also helps establish trust in your prospects’ eyes.

Social Media Integration

To expand the awareness and reach of the brand. Additionally, it promotes interaction on the website and helps to build a bigger audience on social media.

B2C Digital Marketing

As the quote goes- If you are not taking care of your customer then your competitor will. We all know that people buy what they see. Hence NUIT photo edited the products by showing them to real people. This would help the customer to get a clear picture of how the product would look on them. In order to promote Thermaissance as a brand in B2C, we created a photo gallery that consisted of celebrities and famous personalities along with all the events and media coverages. With every product we wanted the customers to get a new experience. And hence, we started linking all the elements. The colour, the typography, fonts, photography, content, animations and spacing, all were sequentially arranged.

Aesthetic Features

We accomplished our goal to reinvent healthcare textiles and showcase the products more distinctively on Amazon which led to increased loyal customers and improved revenue. Finally, the outcome was a great UX that inspired customers to revisit the website thus increasing the average worth of the cart and obviously increased conversion rates. The new website accurately portrays their healthcare products and highlights their specialities and the level of quality they provide to their customers.

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    The Accomplishment!

    Being enthralled by the results and the standard of our work, Thermaissance recommended NUIT Solutions to Medical Armour and Amex Meds.