Rustic Blends

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September 17, 2020
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September 17, 2020
rusticblends3 is an e-commerce website that belongs to the company ‘Casual Clothing’ a sole proprietary firm. A unique collection of personal accessories and home decor which includes a wide range of products such as accessories, apparels, stationery and home linen are displayed on the website category-wise. The website aims to help the organisation to support the artisans, especially women, from the rural handicrafts industries by providing a platform for their skills. The users can view different products, pay online, track their orders without any hassle. The website showcases all the innovative and new designs which are made by combining different materials and techniques so that it creates an authentic and eye-catching look which is a reflection of our Indian heritage.

Features of the website

  • E-Commerce Store
  • Online Shop for buyers
  • Category based pages
  • Product Description Pages (PDP Pages)
  • Add to Cart and Checkout System
  • Online Payment Gateway Integration
  • FAQs
  • Bulk orders
  • Refund
  • Filter by price
  • Quick orders within 5 seconds
  • Download Orders in Excel/PDF
  • Web based responsive application
  • 100% Secure and Mobile Friendly
  • Leave a message function
  • Track order