Rajul Oxygen Park
September 17, 2020
All About Nina
September 17, 2020
Printo-make is a product-based website developed for printOmake, one of the 3D printing companies in India. The company with the help of the website aims to mix creativity and technology. The website helps you to deliver exceptional work that stays in the mind of the clients. The website displays a wide range of 3D printers with detailed information about each product. The Add to cart feature is available to display the products you want to purchase. Product enquiry, easy category view, payment gateway integration with all modes of payment available with a user-friendly approach. The blog module on the website highlights all the blogs and information shared by the team. printOmake also conducts workshops and all information regarding the same is updated on the website.

Features of the website:

  • E-Commerce
  • Product Enquiry
  • Add to Cart and Checkout System
  • Online Payment Gateway Integration
  • Track order system
  • Google maps
  • Blog module
  • Leave a message