Online Order Collection

Fourex Trading
Fourex Trading
November 11, 2020
Webbox Pro
September 29, 2020
'ONLINE ORDER COLLECTION' is an online portal customized to make the online order collection system easier and effective for the customers and businesses. It specifically give an opportunity to all those dealing with groceries, fruits and vegetables, medicine and every day items to to showcase their shop online. With NO DOMAIN/HOSTING Cost, you can update your products and their rates and get quick orders on day to day basis. It also becomes easier for the customers to order the necessary things online. You can track the orderDate wise and Customer wise to reduce the hassle and making sure each customer gets 100% satisfaction. It is a systematic and simple way of purchasing daily essentials. You get all these benefits by just getting a customized online collection page. No need to download any extra app. With this 100% Secure and Mobile friendly way, showcase your business on a digital platform and make it flourish!



Sell Local Products/Food items/Vegetables/Fruits without hassle

Avoid difficulty to take orders via Whatsapp/Phone Calls

Receive quick orders within 5 seconds

Download Orders in Excel/PDF

Collect/View orders quickly without mobile app

100% Secure & Mobile Friendly