Maxfresh Organic Foodstuff

Created and handled the online market for MaxFresh Organic Foodstuff!


  • Wholesale supplier
  • Food industry
  • Importing foodstuffs

Service Provided

  • Website Development
  • Maintenance

About Maxfresh Organic Foodstuff

Located in the heart of UAE, MaxFresh Organic is a leading importer of Mediterranean and exotic fruits and vegetables. They are also wholesalers and suppliers to renowned supermarkets. They have an array of top-notch wholesale and retail food products at great prices.

MaxFresh anticipates providing world-class products to customers all across the globe. At present aims to provide highly nutritious fruits and vegetables to customers all over UAE. Being a high-profile client, the founder of MaxFresh has been extremely busy. He approached NUIT to help him create and handle the online market for him. NUIT designed and developed a website for MaxFresh that helps customers to view the products as well as enquire about the same. Also, the enquiry form helps MaxFresh Team to assist the users in a better way. The photo gallery on the website helps to view the products as well as enquire about them.

Who are we designing for?

All renowned supermarkets and retailers across UAE who look for hassle-free shopping and order in bulk. For all customers looking out for spontaneous shopping over the internet rather than at a brick-and-mortar location.

What were the challenges faced?

MaxFresh approached us with a rough catalog of its products and required a full-fledged website with high-resolution product images. There was no proper list of products given.

What is our goal?

To create a digital presence for one of the largest dealers in export and trade, and building a segue for B2B. To make a seamless digital experience in B2C by providing an all-round solution. This project was to be focused on providing quick access to the visitors.

How do we work towards the solution?

Create a User-friendly UI designed website that will lighten the mental and physical stress of bulk grocery shopping.

Great User Experience And Increased Conversions

NUIT designed a fresh product list that included all the fruits, vegetables, spices, meat and many other items. This involved a lot of product and market research. We created an informative and mobile-friendly website for MaxFresh, a website that gives great user experience and leads to increased conversions.

  • Minimalist design
  • Responsive website
  • 100% secure
  • Frictionless experience
  • Easier browsing

Online enquiry form

To improve communication with potential clients and allow them to inquire about the products and services on the website.

Chatbot integration

To answer the customers within seconds with a detailed explanation, increasing user rate, and maintaining conversational flow.

Google maps

To provide detailed location information and provide directions so that potential customers can conveniently locate your store.

WhatsApp & FB integration

To extend marketing to new channels, build brand awareness, attract online followers, and generate sales by interacting with customers.

A Great Attention Grabber!

The website designed for MaxFresh Organic had a modern and classic touch. The creative icons helped users to land on any page they wanted to in one click. The primary goal of using icons was to help users absorb and process information more efficiently. It not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the website but also helped to put content in a nutshell! The new website showcased all the latest features, bold color scheme and the best web design practices that turn website visitors into repeat paying customers. After the launch of the new website, MaxFresh showed an increase in its website traffic. It provided a seamless user experience and improved Search Engine Optimisation.

Coded And Built To Perfection!

Working so closely with MaxFresh Organic from the start, and being able to understand so many aspects of their business, from listing the products from scratch to creating high-resolution images, and finally launching the website, gave us many insights and sharpened our eye! It took immense expertise from ideation to end-appearance.

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    Irretrievable Impression

    Impressed with the quality of our work, MaxFresh approached NUIT to develop more websites like Al-Hikma Household Trading LLC which is a wholesale and retail company for all types of kitchenware.