September 17, 2020
St. Francis Xavier High School
September 17, 2020
techstain3 is a one-page website developed for Techstain Technology, an early-stage start-up floated by IITB alumni which is completely focused on the sustainability-based application of technologies. The website displays the commitment of the company to develop and disseminate cutting-edge sustainable technologies by collaborating with academia, governments and NGOs. The website helps to create awareness for bringing sustainability and resilience studies from periphery to centre of all engineering R&D initiatives. The website also has a bloggers module and a news page for latest updates. You can also pay online and book for symposiums. The website also provides a platform for thinkers for framing relevant and implementing policies for a clean environment

Features of the website

  • Accordion based content
  • Customized form for Event
  • Google maps
  • Online payment
  • News page
  • Auto-scroll feature